Here’s my response to the ACLU of IL’s call for support on Illinois House Bill 1826, which would recognize civil unions in Illinois.


As your constituent, I urge you to support the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Unions Act, House Bill 1826.

By recognizing a civil union, the legislation extends basic legal protections to gay and lesbian couples in Illinois, such as allowing partners to participate in health care decisions, dispose of the bodily remains of a deceased partner, and receive pension benefits necessary to insure that a family remains intact after the loss of a parent.

The Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act affords all the protections and responsibilities of marriage without changing Illinois’ marriage laws and also assures that no religious denomination is compelled by state government to recognize or solemnize a relationship that falls outside of their religious tradition, thereby preserving a separation of church and state.

As my representative in the Illinois General Assembly, it is my hope that you share this concern for all families in our state. I urge you to support House Bill 1826 and help extend the fairness of our state’s legal protections and responsibilities to all couples.

I am following this issue closely and look forward to your response.

Keith Gillette
1326 Ridgewood Drive
Highland Park, IL 60035-4028