Process Pragmatist

People + Process • Strategy + Systems

As a professional identity, “Process Pragmatist” encapsulates my approach to integrating theory and praxis in my work and also unites my professional passion for process management—the application of cybernetics and general systems theory to organizational operations (the subject matters of my Master’s degrees)—with my personal passion for philosophy—the pursuit of knowledge and the love of wisdom (and my undergraduate major).

A process is a set of interrelated activities transforming inputs into outputs. Process philosophy emphasizes becoming over being, granting ontological primacy to dynamics and relationships.

A pragmatist is one who takes a practical approach to problems. Pragmatic philosophy holds that thought exists to guide action and that truth derives from the practical consequences of belief.

As a Process Pragmatist, I strive for a “theoretically informed, practically useful” perspective, addressing problems through the theoretical lens of systems theory/systems thinking (informed by process and pragmatic philosophy) while seeking practical solutions.

But who am I kidding? … I suppose you could as equally well say that my approach is only theoretically (that is, not actually) informed and only practically (almost, but not quite) useful. 😉

Regardless, reach out to me if I can be helpful (see my Services section for a better idea of my expertise) or you just want to nerd-out on interesting ideas…