I sent the following to my state representative in support of Public Campaign’s endorsement of the Clean Elections legislation for Illinois Judicial races.

Representative Karen May:

On May 2, the Illinois Senate passed the Judicial Campaign Reform Act, legislation that would bring Clean Elections–or full voluntary public financing–to the state’s judicial races.

I strongly support Clean Elections legislation as a way to redress the systemic distortion of our political system by monied interests inherent in the political campaign finance system as it currently exists. I believe that the corrosive influence of large political donations undermines the integrity of the “one person, one vote” principle upon which our republic is founded. It amplifies the agenda of the rich and of corporate interests at the expense of the common good.

Currently, seven states and two municipalities have “Clean Election” public financing laws. Clean Elections allows campaigns to focus on matters of principle, integrity, and accountability, not how much money a given candidate can raise. Clean Elections systems provide full public funding to candidates who qualify and agree to forgo private contributions and abide by spending limits.

Please support Senate Bill 222, the Judicial Campaign Reform Act.