Given its unanimous approval in the Illinois Senate, this energy legislation likely needs no help from me to get through the Assembly, but I wrote this note to Karen May, my state representative anyway:

Dear Representative May:

Yesterday the S.B. 1184, the Affordable, Clean Energy Standards Act unanimously passed the Illinois Senate and had its first reading in the General Assembly.

While I believe that across-the-board market-driven solutions such as a green-house gas emissions cap & trade program or a CO2 tax represent the most far-reaching, long-term, and effective methods to shift our nation off of our “addiction” to fossil fuels and the environmental, health, and security threats that such over-dependence brings, S.B. 1184 at least delivers pragmatic first steps in the direction of clean energy and energy independence.

I urge you to support measures that simultaneously secure energy independence and decreased pollution for Illinois.

Keith Gillette