I am IS: Information / Integration / Innovation • Systems / Services / Solutions

Network by Juan Pablo Bravo from the Noun ProjectCan’t afford a full-time, permanent information services leader but need expert help setting information technology strategy and managing operations? Need a clean reboot of an IT staffing, infrastructure, or process mess? Leveraging 25 years of technical and organizational leadership experience, I provide Virtual-Fractional-Interim Chief Information-Integration-Innovation Officer (“CIO at Your Service“) management consulting on both a part-time/retained and project basis to cost-effectively deliver strategic, technical, and operations leadership. While I can ably aid any organization, I specialize in educational institutions and ed-tech providers, bringing 20 years of leadership experience in K-20 education.


Strategy + Systems • People + Process

Flow Chart by Michael Wohlwend from the Noun ProjectPlagued by poor process? Avoidable errors or irritating inefficiencies costing you time, money, and credibility? I enjoy designing scalable solutions to pernicious problems, integrating strategy and systems with people and process. As a senior member of the American Society for Quality, I bring Six Sigma certification and a suite of quality systems/process management tools to bear on measuring, diagnosing, and improving organizational processes. I also bring a pragmatic and people-oriented approach to implementation to ensure outcomes are both efficient and effective. My suite of services includes …


Organizations must look both inside (mission & goals) and outside (competition & environmental forces) in formulating successful strategy.
  • Business strategy advising: Chart a clear course for your organization with business strategy advising employing best-practices frameworks. Specializations in education, non-profit, & early-stage startups.
  • Strategic planning facilitation: Achieve organizational alignment with facilitated strategic planning, including scenario development, collaborative vision and mission creation, goals, objectives, project, & task definition, roles and responsibility assignment.


Information and communications systems have become essential to boosting productivity and enabling innovation.
  • IT auditing: Protect your organization & prioritize improvements with an IT infrastructure & service management operations assessment, including a comprehensive inventory of existing systems, processes, & services, identification & prioritization of needed improvements, and a goal-aligned action plan and budget.
  • Procurement management: Get the best value for your investment with independent, vendor-neutral technical systems evaluation & implementation, including a needs assessment, Request For Proposals writing, & vendor response management.
  • Project management: Eliminate business continuity gaps & missed deadlines with technical systems implementation project planning, coordination, & oversight.
  • Application requirements & architecture: ToDo


Achieving an organization’s mission requires getting the right people on the bus then aligning their efforts with effective leadership & efficient management.
  • Technical staff recruitment: Find the nice + knowledgeable nerds you need with expert IT staff/leadership recruitment, including staffing needs assessment, position description development, job posting & recruitment, candidate screening & skills testing, reference checks & finalist recommendations.
  • Job design: Create a high-performance team by clearly apportioning roles & responsibility using a structured process to capture tasks, identify workloads, assign responsibility, & automatically generate accurate position descriptions.
  • Application development management: ToDo


Since people can come and go, it’s essential to maintain well-designed workflows, as process predicts product over the long-haul.
  • Process improvement: Optimize efficiency and effectiveness with business process redesign, leveraging Lean / Six Sigma quality management tools such as process & value-stream mapping, root-cause & Pareto analysis, cycle time, 5S, mistake-proofing.
  • Process automation: Increase productivity with IT-enabled solutions to automate your manual business processes.
  • Work standardization: Increase efficiency and eliminate avoidable errors by integrating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) & detailed work instructions into everyday workflow.