A recent WorldChanging blog entry turned me on to The World Future Council & their compendium of “Policies to Change the World“, a 61 page PDF of 12 monographs detailing policies from governments around the world that have successfully addressed environmental & social issues.

I was especially impressed by “Urban Transport Solutions – Bogotá’s Transmilenio” (mass transit by bus that actually earns a profit while it eases congestion & pollution), “Urban Agriculture” (if locally grown produce is viable in densely urban areas, imagine what would happen if the suburbs grew crops more useful than grass), and the “Circular Economy” (the Natural Capitalism approach to product cycling, exemplified by German law, and to my mind, the only sustainable approach to production, with the financial incentives for reducing material use, building for maintainability, remanufacturing, & recycling placed clearly where they belong: with the producer).