So I am somewhat concerned that President Shrub is enacting a doctrine of pre-emptive war that undermines international and moral law and may have catastrophic international repercussions.

I am also a bit dubious about W’s rush to invade Iraq when nothing substantive appears to have changed in terms of Saddam Hussein’s threat to the U.S.

I have spoken my conscience on these matters to my representatives in hopes they will vote against the resolution granting Bush the power to annihilate Hussein without the blessing of the U.N. and that they will publicly debate and repudiate the doctrine of pre-emption.

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Keith Gillette
5400 N Black Oak Lake Rd
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October 8, 2002

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The Bush doctrine of pre-emption undermines international and moral law and must not be allowed to stand. I urge you to vigorously and publicly debate this doctrine.

You will soon be asked to vote on a resolution giving the President broad powers to wage war against Iraq. I urge you to vote “no” on any such resolution.

Congress need not and should not support the Bush Administration’s rush to war. The UN Security Council must be given time to pursue renewed weapons inspections and other diplomatic alternatives. The United States has no compelling reason to authorize war now.

President Bush has not provided convincing evidence that Iraq is an imminent threat to either the region or the United States. Thoughtful and experienced retired military officers, National Security Council advisors, and members of Congress have cautioned that unilateral U.S. military action against Iraq may well undermine U.S. security, U.S. interests in the region, and world peace in the long run. Such a war, and the policy that underlies it, would legitimize preemptive military strikes by nations that feel threatened by others. Such a terrible precedent would undermine international law and the UN Charter and could lead to a tremendous increase in wars and violence in the future.

You have a responsibility to your constituents, U.S. military personnel, the people of the U.S., and Iraqi civilians to support the rule of law and to act now to prevent this war. Effective, nonmilitary alternatives have not been exhausted. The issue should be sent to the UN and peaceful, diplomatic efforts supported to the fullest extent before Congress acts. The risks and costs of a unilateral, preemptive war are too high.

Your leadership is urgently needed.


Keith A. Gillette