News from the ACLU about the Senate Judiciary Committee’s subpoena for information on the NSA “warrantless wiretapping” program prompted me to write this letter to my Senator Dick Durbin, who voted in support of the subpoena:

As your constituent, let me extend my thanks and appreciation for your work to defend the privacy of U.S. citizens against the highly questionable NSA domestic “wiretapping” program. Your recent vote to subpoena information on this practice in order to determine its legitimacy and constitutionality after 9 non-binding requests for such information have been ignored by the White House is courageous and commendable.

While I accept that in an era of global terrorism, certain privacies and privileges may need to be foregone in order to enhance our security, I demand accountability from those who would diminish our freedoms. We must proceed in such a way to ensure that power is not centralized and abused. We must maintain mutual transparency whenever possible and accountability in all cases.

Please continue to push for answers on this program and work to ensure that our freedoms are preserved through mutual transparency and stringent accountability.