The Union of Concerned Scientists is sponsoring a protest against ExxonMobil today during their annual shareholder meeting. The House last week passed H.R. 5429 (thankfully unlikely to pass muster in the Senate) which would open the ANWR to drilling.


Dear Senator Durbin:
Dear Senator Obama:
Dear Representative Kirk:

Today hundreds of activists are in Dallas, TX attending ExxonMobil’s annual meeting to protest the corporation’s opposition to developing clean energy solutions for America. In solidarity with them, I am writing to urge you to reject any bill that offer giveaways to ExxonMobil through additional tax breaks or permits oil drilling on our pristine lands and shorelines.

I very much appreciate your past vote against legislation that would allow drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. As you recognize, exploiting our natural treasures would do nothing to lower gas prices or help the country to heed President Bush call to “get off oil”.

As I have written to you before, I believe our energy policy must focus on spurring the market to create clean energy alternatives by slowly phasing out government subsidies and tax breaks for fossil fuels while imposing cap & trade emissions limits, not by increasing our dependence on a dwindling and polluting resource through continued drilling and oil industry handouts.

Thank you for your continued vigilance on this topic.