Following the reintroduction of anti-global warming legislation in the Senate, Environmental Defense is sponsoring a petition to advocate for 4 principles for legislative action against global warming, 3 or so of which I lent support to with the following:

I have recently learned that Senators McCain & Lieberman have reintroduced their Climate Stewardship & Innovation Act. As I have written to you on several occasions befor, I believe that the U.S. must take policy-level action on the threat of global warming. I implore the new Congress to make 2007 the year for global warming action. As you evaluate the Climate Stewardship Act and other legislative measures to combat global warming that are likely to come before you, please keep in mind the following principles espoused by Environmental Defense, a leader in effective, market-based, partnership solutions to environmental problems:

*Hard cap & timetable: set a specific, attainable, and sufficient cap and timetable for reducing global warming pollution;

*All sources: include all significant sources of global warming pollution without exempting certain sectors or privileging questionable alternatives such as biofuels;

*Free market: ensure the market, not government regulation, taxation, or subsidy, chooses next generation energy sources that meet the emissions standards.

As you know from my previous correspondence, I believe energy policy to be of central importance to our nation. Please protect our global commons and security of future generations by fighting to pass effective anti-global warming legislation following these principles.