The Sunlight Foundation’s Read The Bill initiative made some progress with the introduction of HR 554, so I asked my Representative to support the legislation:

Dear Representative Kirk:
As a strong supporter of accountability through transparency, I previously signed the Sunlight Foundation’s Read The Bill petition calling for passage of a law requiring that the full text of any U.S. Congressional legislation be published on the Internet for the public (and our elected representatives) to read for a minimum of 72 hours prior to Congressional debate.

I urge you to support House Resolution 554, the 72 Hour Rule, introduced in the House by Representatives Baird and Culberson, which moves to enact this simple idea in a meaningful way by modifying the House procedural rules, in order to allow for at least a modicum of understanding of and reflection upon the often complex legislation being considered by Congress, which is too often passed without having even been read by those who voted for it, as evidenced by high-profile bills like the PATRIOT Act, FISA 2008 and ARRA.

Thank you for supporting House Resolution 554.